Biking Tour ( Option 5 )

Exploring Burma by bike will allow you to see and experience the very best of the country, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet the friendly locals along the way. Myanmar, as it is now known, has a varied landscape and rich cultural history, a real sense of which you can discover on a cycling tour.

If you’re keen to discover this country in South East Asia by bike then Orchid Myanmar Travel has a range of cycling tour holidays to choose from. Our Cycling Day Tour focuses on Yangon, while we also operate another day tour around the Inle Lake. If you want a longer, fuller cycling tour then our ‘Best Bike Tour’ allows you to see most of the important tour sites in Myanmar, including the cities of Mandalay and Bagan.
Myanmar is a territory previously unexplored by outsiders, but it is now on many peoples’ ‘must-see’ destination lists. Much of Myanmar has been closed off to travellers for at least the last forty years, but now you can explore the best of what this country has to offer – and it doesn’t get much better than seeing it by bike.

Upon arrival at airport, after luggage collection, you will be welcome by local tour guide and transfer to your hotel for check-in. Take a rest at your hotel to recover from the Jet Lag.
In the afternoon, start excursion in Yangon with the Downtown Area with the Old City Hall and take a stroll along Colonial Buildings ending at the old Strand Hotel, the adjacent Australian Embassy, Her Majesty British Embassy, and Red-bricked General Post Office.
In the evening, visit the most significant pagoda, Shwedagon, which the global scholars describe as One of Wonders in the World. Shwedagon plays very important role in the Old Burmese History not only standing as the holiest structure for the Buddhist all over the world. Enjoy the sunset from nearly 26- century years old Most Glorious Buddhist Shrine.
Overnight in Yangon.

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for the flight to Mandalay, the last Capital City of the 3rd Myanmar Dynasty.
Upon arrival at Mandalay airport, drive to Mandalay City.Then drive to your hotel for check-in.
In the afternoon, taste your biking visiting the Kuthodaw Pagoda which is known as the world biggest book of the world, Golden Palace Monastery where you can see the best wood-carvings. The monastery was at first in the Palace City wall and 5 years before the British Annexation, it was dismantled and reassembled to the present site to be donated to the venerable monks. The Golden Palace so called because the interior and exterior surfaces of wood structure have been gilt with millions of Gold Leaves that are fabricated in Mandalay. Finally, go up Mandalay Hill to enjoy the panoramic view of the city with sunset.
Overnight at Mandalay.
Estimate Biking Distance: 15 KM

Today Excursion is by Bike to the Ancient capitals of Amarapura aka the Southern City, the ancient Royal Capital before Mandalay. In Amarapura, visit one of the biggest monasteries with more than 1200 Buddhist monks where under the strict tight-scheduled Rules the monks study very hard the Buddhist Canons day and night in order to be able to carry on the Budda’s teachings verbally like the Noble Theras did after the Buddha’s demise in the 6th Century B.C. Then visit the Silk- Weaving workshop. Here, Amarapura hand-weaving silk Designs are very famous as LunYarKyawCheik, More-than-hundred Loom Design, in which much small colorful silk thread looms wave through the weft creating the unique Myanmar Ceremonial silk longyis. Depending on the designs, to finish a longyi with a hundred or so looms, it can take at least a month! Then drive to U Bein Bridge believed to be the longest wooden bridge in the world that spans TaungThaman Lake. Take a walk on the bridge and enjoy a photo opp!
And then ride the bike to Sagaing crossing over newly-opened bridge paralleling the first British- built Span side by side.
Lunch at Sagaing.
Sagaing, the capital city of Sagaing Division, has been quite a few times Royal Capital and now stands as a Buddhist Center.
And then continue to Mingun where the World’s Biggest Mingun Bell, weighing over 90 Metric Tons that is believed to be the world heaviest hanging bell in the world and Migun Stupa unfinished due to the mysterious beliefs of its builder. Then, visit the very first Home for Aged founded purely by a Burmese Lady. Meeting with the long-term nurse who speaks fair English at the Center of Old Age pays a lot. Finally visit Mya Thein Dan Pagoda which represents famous Mt. Meru according to Buddhist Cosmology.
After that, take the boat back to Mandalay along Ayeyarwaddy River relaxing on chairs provided on board. Dinner at Green Elephant Restaurant.
Overnight at Mandalay.
Estimate Biking Distance: 62 KM

Start the cycling along the Virgin Cycling Route(MyitNge-Pyinsi) for 35 Kilometers passing by many Authentic Myanmar Small Villages learning local culture and daily life of people living in the countryside.
During cycling, you may take some breaks for fruits, water, towels under the big shady trees that you can see all the way along the cycling route, talk to the local people you meet on the way. The route stretches nearly 40 Kilometers and many villages lies along whose dwellers live mainly from farming and agriculture. The views and landscapes are so picturesque and wonderful that will pay you off.
Finally you will reach the destination, Pyinsi village where the highway joins the cycling street.
Lunch at a local Restaurant at Pyinsi Village in picnic style.
After relaxing at the restaurant with the full stomach lying on the wooden benches, and bamboo mixed with palm tree wooden chairs, drive to Kyauk Pa Daung also known as the town of Democracy Supporters because nearly the whole town voted always in favor of the Political Party of Aung San Su Kyi. And then from there continue to Mt.Popa(approximate: 2 and half hours!) the Oasis of the Dry Zone.
Upon arrival at Mt.Popa, drive up to the Popa Mountain Resort for check-in. You can soak up in the so lovely swimming pool at your hotel facing towards the MyinGyan Plain full of farms and most outstanding thing is that you will have the unforgettable view of PopaTaungKalat from your hotel’s swimming pool as well as from the outdoor restaurant.
Overnight at Popa Mountain Resort.
Estimate Biking Distance: 40 KM

Today, start your biking adventure downhill up to the Nat Shrine located at the foot of Mt. Popa. You can study the Myanmar Official Nat Histories at the Nat Museum. There are 37 Nats altogether officially recognized by the authorities, and of course there are millions of Nats that are not registered. Mt. Popa is the abode of all the official nats and the museum is the place where you can see the Life-size statues of Registered Nats.
It is optional to ascend the 800-step Mt. Popa on top of which, from the pagoda and shrines, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Oasis area looking out west, you can see the plain of Bagan. Along the staircase, you will see many pilgrims, shops selling the souvenirs of Mt. Popa, and lastly the Mt. Popa monkeys.
Then continue your cycling to Bagan.
Biking route is uphill at the beginning from the base of Mt. Popa and after that it goes downhill up to the village called GyanHlee. You can explore the village where you can see the village culture and ways of living of Upper Myanmar. Then continue to the Palm Tree Hut to study how the Myanmar people from Upper Myanmar make good use of Toddy palm trees; the branches for furniture, the wood from the stem to make stools and tables and house beams and the leaf for roofing, and the palm juice to make several drinks including distilling the strong country spirit.
Lunch at the Palm Tree hut.
Then proceed your cycling to the Majestic Bagan. Upon arrival at Bagan, do the excursion by bike around the old Bagan area visiting the most beautiful temple, Ananda Temple, the highest temple in Bagan called Thabyinyu Temple and finally go up Shwesandaw Pagoda to enjoy the sunset over Bagan.
After that, bike to your hotel for check-in.
Overnight at Bagan
Estimate Biking Distance: 50 KM

After breakfast, explore Baganarea including the morning market at Nyaung U. The market, as we call it, Market on The Floor because the products both local and foreign are sold on the ground.
And then from there, continue to Pakokku, the biggest Myanmar town trading tobacco, Thanatkha or Myanmar traditional make-up, beans and so on. Upon arrival at Pakokku Jetty, get on your bikes to explore the town Pakokku visiting the home industries to see the hand-madepaper-Mache, Myanmar slippers, Myanmar Cigarettes or Cheroots.
Lunch at Pakokku Local restaurant.
Then, continue your biking tour to Yesagyo. Yesagyois a small town where huge amount of the Scented Sticks to burn as offering to the pagodas and Buddha are fabricated and then distribute on the wholesale deals to other cities in Myanmar. On the way, you will pass by many villages whose people live from farming many crops including Thanakha, Myanmar traditional make-up used daily by Myanmar women. You will also pass by the ancient city called Pa Khan Gyi Town where you can still see the old City Walls and many historic pagodas.
In the afternoon, you will arrive at Yesagyo. From there transfer by car to Monywa (approximate: 1 and a half hour).
Overnight at Monywa
Estimate Biking Distance: 60 KM

After breakfast, cross the Chindwin River, the second longest river which is about 600 miles long, by the ferry boat. Upon arrival at another bank at the big village called Nyaung Bin Gyi Village or Big Banyan Tree village, mount your bike to head to the century-old Caves, Po Win Taung Hill Caves.
On the way to the Po Win Taung Hill Caves, you will see some villages living mainly on the agriculture, nearby Copper Mines and enjoy the landscapes on the way so peaceful with the big shady trees and hill-locks here and there that appear in the sight. In the Division, Sagaing, and around Monywa town, there are many mines including copper, silver, and gold.
Green plantations and friendly people will meet you all the way up to the caves. Upon arrival at the caves of Po Win Taung Hills, the lovely monkey will welcome you to the land of Buddha Shrines in the sand-stone caves. Walk uphill going around the mountain with the caves carved out of the living sand-stone rocks. The caves accommodate the Buddha images and also on the walls and ceilings of the caves, you can see the mural paitings.
After visiting the caves, bike back to Nyaung Bin Gyi jetty to cross the river and enjoy lunch at a local restaurant at Monywa.
In the afternoon, drive to Mandalay (approximate: 3 hours).
Overnight at Mandalay
Estimate Biking Distance: 40 KM

After breakfast, transfer to Mandalay International Airport for the flight to Heho, a small town in Shan State located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. Shan State is the biggest State in Myanmar sharing the border with China and Laos in the northeast and with Thailand in the east. The red-color soil provides the people of Shan State the high-yield crops every year.
Start your excursion of Shan State with the bicycle from Heho downhill up to the Red Mountain Vineyard near NyaungShwe, another small town located at the northern end of famous Inle Lake.
The landscape along the way is filled with the Sesame-seed fields, Garlic fields, Wheat plantations and many more including Rice. Riding on a bike at a level of 1000 meters above the sea, you may enjoy the pleasant weather with friendly atmosphere, the breeze surfing over the highlands, and the friendly hill-tribe people working at their farms. Take as many photos as you like at the scenes all the way and after more or less 2 hours, you will arrive at the Red Mountain Vineyard through NyaungShwe, the second Wine Distillery in Myanmar located on the slope of Shan Hills near Inle Lake.
Lunch at Red Mountain with the taste Myanmar’s Wine!
After lunch continue biking back to led NyaungShwe. The town is the main gate to the natural lake Inle. Many hotels and restaurants are located at the town and make the place as the ‘Home of Backpackers’.
Then, continue to the boat jetty where you will be transferred to your hotel for check-in.
Overnight at Inle Lake
Estimate Biking Distance: 40 KM

After breakfast, start the sightseeing by boat with a morning 5-day traditional market at a village on the lake or on the shore of the lake. Here at Inle Lake, the markets come on 5-day basis. Besides the Inthars, some tribal ladies such as Pa-O, Pa Laung can also be seen at the market selling their farm produce and afterwards they go back to their villages on the mountain with the purchase of what they need for the household, a photo opportunity!! From the market, you will begin a short trekking to the tribal villages located on the shore of the lake on the slope of the mountains that flank the lake from the east and west. The Ethnic group of Shan has altogether 33 tribal minorities and many tribes live around the lake among them are the Pa O tribe and Pa Laung tribe live close to the Lake region.
After that, walk back to the jetty and drive by boat to one of the local restaurants to have lunch.
In the afternoon, continue your exploration and excursion on the lake by boat to PhaungDawOo pagoda which is the Holiest Religious Stupa housing 5 buddha images, the Silk-weaving Village of Inn Paw Khone. Hand Weavers at the village make very simple way to produce the Myanmar Traditional Dress and Suits. (lotus fabrics weaving technique can also be seen unique only in here!). Then pay a visit to Blacksmith, Cheroot or Myanmar Cigar factory, study the nature of Inthars, Lake Residents with their Floating Gardens and finally visit the Jumping Cat monastery which is the oldest one with antique Shan-style Buddhas and Buddhas’ alters. Enjoy the cat show at the monastery.
Overnight at Inle Lake

Today Morning Excursion is by Bike along the eastern shore of the lake passing by many Intha villages on the way. Bike as far away as you wish until when you will get back to your hotel for a shower and then check-out from the hotel.
Then transfer to the town NyaungShwe for lunch.
After that, transfer to Heho airport for the flight to Yangon.
Upon arrival at Yangon airport, transfer to your hotel for check-in.
Overnight at Yangon
Estimate Biking Distance: 20KM

Leisure time at your own!
Then, transfer to Yangon International Airport for the flight back!

Tour Duration
11D/10N Trips

Tour Route
Myanmar Bike Tour - from Mandalay to Inle Lake

Tour At Glance

Tour Cost : starts from US$ 1654
Bike Hire : included see our bikes here
Tour Grade : 4 out of 5
Number of Cycling Days : 6 full days + 2 half days
Tour Ends : Yangon
Group Size : Minimum 2Pax. Maximum 6Pax.
Accommodation : 10 Nights in 2-3* star hotels
Meals : Breakfast + All lunches
Single Supplement : US$ 379
Total Cycling Distance : 307 kilometers
Tour Meets : Yangon
Minimum age : 18 years old
Entrance Fees : included
Vehicle Support : Full vehicle support

Tour Map