Myanmar is a Buddhism country and it is famous as the Golden Land. Otherwise, it is also called the Land of Pagodas. Most of Myanmar people are Buddhists, they know the rules of Buddhism.

Now, Myanmar is one of the tourist attractions, foreigners should know the behaviors in Religious monuments like Pagoda and Temple. Myanmar people avoid foot-wearing in the compound of Pagoda. It is likely the similar rule of Christians to put off the hats in the church.

Myanmar people avoid not to stay their legs towards the Pagoda. It is a rude manner and means insulting the holy place. Myanmar ladies should not wear shorts in the pagoda compound, it is also an improper manner.

When people go to pagoda, they should give priority to the elders, disables and monks, etc. Next, the rule of winding round the pagoda, it should be bacti-system. Why because, left winding (anti clockwise) in it is not prefer manner – the Hindhu legends said. It is believed that they may be touched impurities to the sacred of pagoda.

The important fact is that to get clear of mind almost in the religious compound. It might be the sincerity of the people who go the pagoda and reflect them peace and tranquility. Then, people should share their merits after praying and doing good deeds. Buddhists believe that the one who can follow above ways of Buddhism, he or she can obtain peace of mind.

In conclusion, there is a proverb “Courtesy costs courtesy”. As Myanmar is a polite country, foreigners come from abroad will admire Myanmar customs and culture. They will love Myanmar tradition. So, it will be amazing!